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Overall Winner! NCASS Secret Shopper Award at Glastonbury Festival. Best overall appearance, service and food. mmm...Burritos! Mexican popular tradition tells the story of Juan Mendez wrapping tasty foods with large tortillas and selling them from the back of his donkey (the original mobile caterer). He found success and soon people were looking for the “food of the burrito” (i.e. food of the little donkey) Traditional ways and cooking techniques (minus the Donkeys!) are the foundation of our kitchen, as we individually wrap beautiful burritos flavoured with your selected fillings. Mexican Food is our passion and at Teabag Chihuahua we dedicate ourselves to: • Blending our own spice mixes, • Concocting our own special chilli and barbecue sauces, • Hand sorting and selecting the best beans to prepare fresh daily. • Dicing fresh sweet tomatoes and herbs for our salsas, • Picking the ripest, fresh avocados for our guacamole, • Cooking without added fats in our chillies, rice or beans, • Grilling free-range British buffalo beef fed purely on Somerset grass. Mexican Food prepared with Respect since 2002 More information at
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Why should you hire us?
Established in 2001, we are professional mobile and outside caterers offering Mexican and TexMex food from catering trailers, marquees or buffets. All of our foods are cooked fresh from wholefoods whether producing 100 or 4000 meals daily. The Food Standards Agency has awarded us 5 stars for our Food Safety since 2002. Our food, commitment and professionalism was recognized by winning the NCASS Award for best overall food, service and appearance at Glastonbury Festival.
What’s our food like?
All of our foods are cooked fresh daily from wholefoods, including our spice mixes and sauces. We offer meat, vegetarian and vegan burritos, nachos, chilli and tacos with gluten and dairy free options always available. Our passion and recipes we learned from Mexican mentors in the 1980s and honed over the following 30 years. Fresh produce, British meats, simple cooking techniques and respect for traditional recipes are the essence of our on going success at over 700 engagements.
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New Mexico Cantina - Catering Trailer
American Cuisine, Buffalo, Burritos, Chicken, Chilli, Fajitas, Mexican Cuisine, Nachos, Native American Cuisine, Pulled Pork, Tacos, Vegetarian / Vegan
Teabag Chihuahua Ltd. - Catering Trailer
Buffalo, Burritos, Chicken, Chilli, Mexican Cuisine, Nachos, Native American Cuisine, Vegetarian / Vegan
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