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We sell home cured Pastrami and Salt Beef sandwiches with our own unique twist

Our Pastrami and Salt Beef is cured and slow cooked at home. We serve it to you hot with pickles, cheese and our amazing Pink and Green sauces. If that’s not enough of a fill we also serve it up with great side dishes, a zippy coleslaw and German-style potato salad. Every sandwich comes with a gherkin as standard.
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What’s our food like?
We serve home cured Pastrami and Salt Beef in delicious toasted sandwiches. We source beef brisket locally from Cheshire and cure for a week in salt, curing salt and spices. This is then slow cooked overnight to create amazing met in your mouth cured meat. Served toasted with fresh sauces and pickles. We can also create bespoke menus for a variety of events, weddings, etc
Why did we start up our business?
Adam and Rich are friends with a shared love of cooking and a special interest in curing meat. In the summer of 2016 we got the opportunity to trade at our local market. We jumped at the chance and haven't looked back. We love cooking together and want to showcase our passion for amazing cured meats and great pickles. Currently this is part time, we're still doing our day jobs. It's hard work but we absolutely love it. We have a product we love and love to share. We hope you like it too!
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Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Home Made Sauces & Marinades, Pastrami, Salads, Toasted Sandwiches / Paninis / Paninos
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