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About us. 3+ Years as an NCASS member
Why should you hire us?
Lot 33 offer a unique catering experience serving great tasting Pizza, Ice Cream and Drinks/Cocktails. We operate from vintage Pashley trade bikes so we really can pop-up anywhere!
What’s our food like?
Quite simply amazing! We take great pride in serving the best possible food & drink we can. Our Pizza bases are made with fresh dough, authentic Italian tomato salsa, a blend of cheeses & finished with freshly prepared toppings. We cook with a traditional wood fired oven giving all our Pizza's the best Neapolitan style look & flavour. And we only ever prepare, cook & serve food on site - meaning you always get the freshest Pizza possible.
Here’s why we love working in mobile catering
Everyone enjoys Pizza, especially good Pizza! Similarly everyone enjoys Ice Cream & alcoholic drinks! We simply love getting out & about, meeting people, being a part of celebrations, parties and events and of course, feeding people too.
Additional information
Contact us to discuss your needs and let's see how we can make your Wedding, party or event a big success.
Trading Units
Pizza Van - Converted Food Vehicle
Pizza, Wood Fired Pizza
Ice cream bike - Cart / Trike / Bike
Dairy free, Gelato, Ice Cream, Ice Lollies (artisan / gourmet), Private parties, Snow Cones, TV / Location Catering, Wedding Caterer
Pizza Bike - Cart / Trike / Bike
Pizza, Private parties, Wedding Caterer, Wood Fired Pizza
Training and Certificates
Louise Smith
Gavin & Jessica prepared and served Pizza's for a surprise 60th Birthday Party in our back garden. The service was fantastic and the food amazing!!